M.A.D. E-News: Closing Day Demonstration (Oct 12th), New Website and More!


Hey M.A.D.r’s

Lots to update folks on so grab a tea and strap in!

First up and most important, we are just over two weeks away from our Closing Day Demonstration on Sunday October 12th. Marking the end to another season at Marineland, our closing and opening day demonstrations are can’t miss events for animal advocates and serve as constant reminders to Marineland that their captive animal facility will not operate unopposed. We are asking advocates far and wide to prioritize this demonstration – help us spread the word, share the event in groups and list serves, offer up and arrange carpools and ride shares. We need everyone pitching in! If you’d like to volunteer for the demonstration, and/or act as a City Captain to help promote and arrange rides from your City/Town – then contact us here at [email protected] Attached are our promotional posters and designs – please use them!

Facebook Event Page: Marineland Closing Day Demonstration – Sunday October 12th – How Many Animals Have to Die?

While working on the build up to this seasons closing day demonstration we have also been busy rebuilding our website, social media, and working on a new leaflet design. All of this stuff has been in the works for a while, but endless legal threats from Marineland and two injunction hearings have put it all on the backburner. We will continue to roll these new things out in stages and first up is our brand new website which can find at our constant web address marinelandanimaldefense.com. The site features up to date Action Alerts, our Demonstration Schedule, Resources for Parents who wish to Oppose School Trips and even an overview of the history of our campaign. Please take a minute to check out the new site – share with us your thoughts on how we can make it better – and stay up to date with our “News” section of the site for updates about the campaign and the animals captive at Marineland.

Outside of our upcoming demonstrations the Grassroots Ontario Animal Liberation (GOAL) Network, of which we are members, has two upcoming demonstrations that we encourage everyone to support. First up is the Closing Day at African Lion Safari Demonstration (Saturday October 4th) and then the Annual Toronto Fur Free Friday March on Friday November 28th.

Marineland Animal Defense

Marineland Closing Day Demonstration Poster

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