Deadmau5 Tells Marineland “Just Get Rid of the Animals”

Global celebrity musician Deadmau5, aka Joel Zimmerman, took to social media tonight to share his thoughts on the captive animal facility in Niagara Falls called Marineland, Canada. The “rant” style post lays out what Zimmerman feels is the most logical business decision for Marineland – a removal of their captive animals and the development of a full theme park. This is something that advocates have been calling for for decades, but Zimmerman’s post comes not from an “advocate” – he saves his introduction for a similar bashing of demonstrators who have kept this issue in the media eye. Instead, Zimmerman’s call is written as a way forward between both sides.

Zimmerman, born and raised in Niagara Falls, has long weighed in on issues around politics in Niagara – especially arts funding and youth programs for the arts. His comments also come after our Closing Day demonstration saw hundreds of advocates protest as Marineland shut down for the season – and also follow after celebrities like Pam Anderson, UFC Fighter James Wilks, and The Cove/OPS documentary team weighed in to throw their support behind advocates fighting to shut down the facility.

Joel furthered his comments on Tuesday with QMI claiming that he is serious about crowd sourcing and potentially buying up the facility himself. He claims his worth comes in at around $35 million.

You can read Joel’s full rant here – below is his message to the owner of Marineland.

But heres me just looking in at your shitty situation from my end… like i said, i’d just lose the fucking animals… and even if it pissed you off because you lost an asset or whatever, or potential profit from “tourists” n shit… look at what you have to gain? Youd win the entire EVERYTHING if you released a statement promising the closure of your animal pens and aquariums. That “good guy” PR would reach worldwide fuckin acclaim…. shit, even SeaWrold (who arent any fucking better by a longshot) would be like… ‘OH SNAP’ and probably forcing them into action. You’d be a fuckin world hero… and it would probably cost you the x million dollars of investments you had to spring out on fucking whales n shit and upkeep (cant imagine it would be cheap)

but hey fucknut, heres what you do… just take a fucking hit, and do it. Because, stupid, youre STILL sitting on a fucking shitload of acreage thats a theme park…. with rides and shit. WHO THE FUCK DOESNT GO TO THEMEPARKS DUMBASS? Magic mountain doesnt have 1/2 dead wales n half dead deer… do i spend a buck or 300 every year to go there? FUCK YES.

Like i said, i dont know how much it costs to keep a huge fuckin fish in a huge fucking tank, but i kinda have a good idea how much a rollercoaster costs and im sure its pretty compareable….

so from a moral and business standpoint, in my opinion, stop being a fucking bunch of morons and just do the right thing. what are you fucking broke? no. It’s a brilliant idea / long game and a hell of an investment…. but youll make youre return… receive worldwide attention for your acts of valor… even tho you needed to be pressured into it anyway, and my personal facebook timeline wont be full of shit about how shitty you are.

thats it.

believe me, if i had the kind of money you’d want to buy your shit operation out, i’d do it myself in a heartbeat… and im probably not far off, so you might wanna hop on this shit.

– Joel Zimmerman

7 thoughts on “Deadmau5 Tells Marineland “Just Get Rid of the Animals”

  1. I really need to talk to this guy. im a 16 year old from grimsby that is like half hour from marineland, i go there every summer and curl up and cry beside kiskas tank, because shes my lovely baby. And i have so much compassion for those beautiful creatures, the sealions have no eyes left man. i saw it with my own eyes. It made me cry.i smelt the chlorine i saw the green water.mthe flaky skin, the rake marks, the sad eyes. Everyone sees it, but its normal right? Orcas,(killer whales) travel up to 100 miles a day and dive about 500 feet. What is a 40 foot tank gunna do for a 8000 lbs animal? FUCK ALL its a bathtub.

    lolita from miami seaquarium os 40 years old, 7000lbs 22 feet. Long, and is a tank 20 feet deep and like 60 feet across. BATH,TUB,,FUCKERS . BATH.TUB, this is my dream, to stop all this marine land bullshit, because i cant take it no more, duke DIED, because rhey REFUSED to put him anywhere else. are youFUCKING kidding me, fat fuck buddy here has enough money do to whatever the fuck he qants, nut when it comes to the life of an animal, ya fuckin right, the sicko sits in his pickup and offs the deer, sp fuck you, and fuck off, have a nice day..

    Email: [email protected]

    Thank you

  2. Third time I’m writing this on different sites. I’m nobody important but not blind & stupid and as much as I would like to swear I won’t but be truthful even if hurts or offends some people. I’ve been in the Falls since 2000 & nearly every year go to Marineland with my Grand Children & to most Adults its a dive falling a part dump rip off to tourist, but kids think its nice because they don’t see the sadness or darkness of Marineland, year after year the sea animals look worse place smells rides are rusty , & whats with feeding corn pops to bears, do corn pops grow in the forest and weve never seen them. & with all that prime land he can’t get investors to make it a theme park with water slides & I can here the cash register going all day long just from locals & then add tourists on top you could do beter then Wonderland. But no you stick to a few out dated crappy rides & worn & torn animals that is just sad , all you do is collect your dollars every summer & thats your only desire.

  3. Well Dee or Danielle, the animals already don’t have enough room where they live right now. Just because you like to be curled up and crying because the animals are being tortured by not having enough room in the wild doesn’t mean everyone else is selfish like you.

    Also, Deadmau5 isn’t fat. Maybe you should do a bit of research on him before you go judging people.

    Places that are these cages of animals (like Marineland) shouldn’t even exist so it’s GOOD that there is more press about getting rid of them! Animals should be in wildlife, where they belong.

  4. John Holer is a horrible man and it seems he’d rather fight the fight than give in to the pressures from the people who want these animals put back into the wild or sea pens. The Fisheries dept of Canada has told me in an email they cannot release Kiska into the ocean because of the antibiotics in her system and the danger she would bring into the natural waters of the Atlantic… Are you kidding me!!!! The Government must think we’re stupid people. The government approves Exxon oil and we all know oil companies cannot be trusted and we are doomed to have an oil leak which will destroy marine life and the income and enjoyment of millions of Canadians who love and respect nature… and The Fisheries Dept tells me they are concerned over one whale???? OMG. I am shocked at how stupid they think the people are in this country.
    Back to Marineland and John Holer. Nobody wants it closed. We just want the animals and the sea mammals removed and throw in a bunch of rides that require no staffing during the winter months and I will gladly go back to Marineland. It’s all about money so John Holer wake up and reap the benefits that taking this action would bring you and pretend it had nothing to do with the pressure of the people who speak out for the animals in your lack of care. You are running out of time old man, so the animals may win when you go…

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