The Children’s March on Marineland Zine: Call for Submissions!


This year we will be opening up the Marineland season with the 2nd Annual “March on Marineland.” For those who remember the event last year, 500 advocates marched through the tourist district of Niagara Falls and onto the facility – a historic first in the history of opposition to Marineland. This year, we are letting the kids lead!

So much of our record setting history is tied back to youth advocacy and the role that children and families play in our demonstrations – from kids and parents fighting for an end to school trips, to our 1,000 people origami demonstration in May 2013 led by Vijay. We want to acknowledge and continue on with this by not only having kids and families lead the march – but by compiling a zine for the day that we will mass produce for everyone on the march.

What are we looking for? Short stories, art, poems, drawings, essays – any form of expression from kids and families that we can fit into a zine to print out and share. If any keen crafting and editing parents or kids want to sign on as well to assemble – hands in. You can submit any time from now until April 15th to [email protected]

One thought on “The Children’s March on Marineland Zine: Call for Submissions!

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