March On Marineland Landscape Indignants


If you would like to donate to Marineland Animal Defense you can:

Donate via paypal or email money transfer to: [email protected]
Email [email protected] to arrange a pick up/drop off/mailing of cash or cheques (email us for address)
Become a monthly Sustainer!


When I donate to M.A.D. where does my money go?

Marineland Animal Defense is an all volunteer campaign with no paid positions. Your donation goes directly towards supporting the campaign. You can direct where you would like funds to go (leaflets, signs, banners, advertising, etc) or you can entrust the campaign to use the funds.

If I donate to M.A.D. can I get a tax receipt?

Canada Revenue Agency guidelines for animal advocacy state that a group cannot maintain charitable status while campaigning against a legal business. For this reason who do not pursue charitable status, and unfortunately, cannot offer tax receipts. We hope that the results of our campaigning will make up for not being able to issue receipts.

What is the best way to give?

As part of the Niagara Animal Defense League, of which we are a working group, we will soon be rolling out monthly giving. Monthly giving, even at small amounts of $10-$15/month, go a long way to ensure that we can continue to increase pressure and extend our reach. If you are in the position to give monthly, please let us know. Aside from that, we always welcome one time donations.

I can’t donate right now, but I would like to help. How can I best do that?

You can share information posted to our sites, volunteer with the campaign, come to demonstrations, organize outreach events in your community, etc. Let your passion and creativity direct your advocacy and don’t let yourself be limited. There are many ways to be an effective advocate without having access to a lot of resources.

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