If you have questions about our campaign, demonstrations, parking, and more you are likely to find an answer here! If not, feel free to reach us at any time at [email protected] Just remember that this is an all volunteer campaign with a limited amount of time and resources (be patient).

How can I help?

Check out our “action alerts” section for tons of ideas on how to help captive animals at Marineland and our campaign.

When is the next demonstration?

You can always find our when our next demonstration is by checking out our demonstration schedule section.

What is M.A.D. about?

You can find our mission statement below. Since launching, our mission statement has never changed.

Marineland Animal Defense is a campaign of concerned advocates determined to end animal captivity at Marineland.

Our Goals

-End breeding programs at Marineland.

-End plans for expansion of animal captivity.

-Remove captive animals to Sanctuary sites.

-Hold Marineland accountable.

What about this other …….

Marineland Animal Defense rejects all animal use. The captive animal industry is inherently exploitative and profit is the only reason for its existence. While some facilities may be better than others, they are all attempts to profit off of the suffering of other animals.

What will happen to the animals if Marineland closes down?

We think this question is currently wishful thinking, however, it is a concern that we have thought a lot about. Seaside non profit-educational environments already exists for marine mammals like those currently captive at Marineland. The Oregon Coast Aquarium is one example. If there ever comes a time where Marineland is willing to release the animals in their care we will organize to do our best to remove them from the captive-for profit industry. Ideally these animals would never be ripped from their natural habitat, or bred in captivity.

Where should I park for demonstrations at Marineland?

Options Include:

Early demonstrators should be able to find parking in the Dufferin Islands parking lots. It is a bit of walk – uphill – but the closest option. Turn left on Burning Springs Rd – off of Portage Rd – and you can find parking on the right or the left lots. The lots are free.

There is a paid lot across from the drive-in entrance at Marineland. To get to this lot turn left onto Upper Rapids Blvd off of Portage Rd. The lot costs around $-10 to park all day. This lot does not run year round though.

If you follow Portage Rd. past Marineland and into Chippewa you will find a lot of free parking spots. This is a longer walk, but not uphill, and offers a lot of free parking

The WEGO bus line in Niagara Falls goes directly to Marineland from multiple pick up locations in Niagara Falls.

NOTE: Parking on the shoulder of Portage Rd will most likely get you ticketed. Also, be mindful of the walking distance and drop off anyone who may not be up for the walk.

I can’t make that time, will there be people there before or after?

There most likely will be people demonstrating throughout the entire day, however, we keep official demonstration times from 12-2pm in order to concentrate as many people as possible at one time.

What if I come early/late and no one is there?

This is unlikely, however, in the event of it happening you will want to ensure that you have at least one other person with you and it also helps to have a camera with you in the event of any interactions with park staff.

What can I expect at the demonstration? What should I bring?

We hold signs and banners directed at passing traffic as well as people entering the park. We leaflet people entering the park and we engage with people entering the park to ensure they know what their money is supporting.

If standing for long periods of time is painful for you, you should bring a lawn chair. People should also be mindful of the weather and plan washroom/food around the demonstration.

Should I make my own sign? Literature?

Marineland Animal Defense has leaflets to give out, as well as many signs and banners. That said, we never discourage people from making their own signs, or making their own literature. We only ask that people not create information and falsely label it a Marineland Animal Defense document (Marineland is litigious).

Can I bring my child? My dog?

We have always actively tried to keep our demonstrations kid friendly and many families have demonstrated with us out front of Marineland. We only ask that parents be mindful of their children at all times, and that parents prepare for the visit (sunscreen, water, etc.)

As for bringing other animals to the demonstration, we ask that people please leave their companion animals at home.

Anyone who has any accessibility concern, please contact Marineland Animal Defense at [email protected] and we will do our best to help in any way we can.

If I have a question or concern who can I speak to?

For larger demonstrations our organizers wear black arm bands to be visible and help with any concerns or questions. During smaller demonstrations look for the Marineland Animal Defense outreach table and you will find an organizer there to help you.

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