May 18th Demonstration Schedule

We are happy to announce our demonstration schedule for May 18th!

The focus for this demonstration has been Ric + the kids. Since our last demonstration on October 7th 2012 there have been kids all over the province taking initiative and rallying against school trips to Marineland. Making impassioned speeches at their schools to teachers, classes, Principals and sometimes even the whole school all at once!

We’ve always felt that youth will be the final decision makers on Marineland, and all animal captivity. Kids like Vijay, Posey and Carrie are the next generation of advocates on this issue and representative of what Marineland fears most - children who know the truth about captivity!

May 18th Demonstration Schedule

Advocates will be on site between 9am - 5pm, however, the main demonstration time is 12-2pm. This will be the main time we will be concentrating on for media as well as the time we will be running this this schedule.

12:00pm - Demonstration Opening and Welcoming

12:10pm - Legal PSA for all Demonstrators

12:25pm - Youth advocate Carrie Tehrani

12:45pm - Jill Krasnicki (Animalia) Performs

1:10pm - Youth advocate Posey

1:25pm - Testament from Test Their Logik Performs

1:45pm - Youth advocate Vijay

2:00pm - Famed ex trainer and anti-captivity advocate Richard O’Barry presented with cheque from the Billie Celebrity Challenge and speaks.

Following Ric’s talk we will make an official count and display of the Origami Whales in order to challenge for the Guinness Book of World Records for “Most Origami Whales Displayed” in Vijay’s name.

Our MC for the day will be Haudenosaunee activist and hip hop artist John Henhawk.

There will be plenty of time in between speakers to mingle, make new friends, build community, make appeals to those entering the park and also raise our voices together to chant. We ask that people respect this schedule and speakers and reserve their attention to the speakers provided. They should be respected and honoured for their hard work and dedication.

Aside from all of this we have some exciting new things coming to this demonstration - some of which we can announce now!

We will have a media tent at this demonstration complete with a generator and power  to recharge cell phones, cameras and laptops as well as wi-fi access for people to edit, upload and post photos and videos from the event as it happens!

You can also count on some of the same old - shirts, raffle tickets, (vegan) baked goods, signs, megaphones and more.

Folks can always rely on on demonstration FAQ’s if you have any more questions about the demonstrations and we will also be updating as we approach with information on things like closest washrooms (Tim Horton’s in Chippewa and Dufferin Islands, etc).

As always, you can contact us at with any other questions or concerns.

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