ACTION ALERT: Help Us Grow Our Social Media Footprint!

We are always looking for ways to grow our reach and impact in ways that are measurable.

Our social media footprint is the combination of likes, follows and contacts that we have to communicate our message to online. We’ve tried to keep track of this footprint, and grow it, but we’ve never done so in an organized way and never posted this publicly for others to help. We hope that doing so will help us grow even faster!

Each month - on the 16th - we will post our Social Media Footprint. Our goal is to grow our combined reach by 1,000 a month.

This is a necessity for a campaign that is up against a captive animal park with a 6 figure advertising and marketing budget. Marineland, in their desperation, has stepped their game up. It’s time for us to respond!

Sunday June 16th 6pm

Twitter - 969

Mailing List - 526

Instagram - 300

Tumblr - 370

Facebook Page - 5,976

Facebook Group - 888

Total - 9,029