Marineland Animal Defense Supports #MMIW and #ItEndsHere Campaigns


Onkwehon:we Artist Kelli Clifton’s Depiction of Captive Orca Tilikum 

As an animal liberation campaign that organizes on stolen land, and in the context of genocide and apartheid, we’ve always strived to recognize our privilege, place and complicity in either being part of a solution, or part of a broader problem. 

Campaign members and organizers have been involved in solidarity organizing through Idle No More campaigns, as well as with grassroots land defense and reclamation. Everything from road blockades, to helping to pull up survey stakes on unceded territory, to round dancing in malls and signing petitions. Although we’ve organized anti-racism and anti-colonialism conference panels and intentionally made space and amplified the voices of Onkwehon:we anti-captivity advocates - we’ve never released an actual position statement in solidarity. We’d like to correct that. 

The current call for an inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada is something that we feel that all members should support and that all anti-captivity advocates should get behind. The mass disappearance and death of Onkwehon:we women is unacceptable and the response from all levels of colonial Government and policing is disrespectful. In the community, Onkwehon:we women are frequently the front line of land defense - protecting the community and guiding the men and youth. All across this land women are fighting to stop deforestation and clear cutting which threatens wild animal populations and waterways, fighting to stop mining practices and pipelines which are some of the greatest threats to wild marine mammal populations. We recognize their effort, are inspired by their example, and know that supporting and protecting Onkwehon:we women will only have a positive impact on their communities and in the protection of the land, water and air we all share - including with our animal relations.

Aside from this, as a campaign with many members who are Onkwehon:we women, we feel compelled to recognize and honour their contributions. Our "End Captivity" banner? Created by an Onkwehon:we woman. Our youngest supporter? Member of the Caldwell First Nation. The Hiawatha, Two Row, and Unity Flag have all been common sights at our demonstrations alongside drummers. Haudenosaunee women and waterkeepers have had a huge impact in shaping our outlook on advocating for captive animals as something rooted in the land and a protection and defense of wilderness as well. For all of this we are grateful. These are our friends, family members and mentors. 

Outside of these arguments - supporting the #MMIW and #ItEndsHere campaigns is important because it is just. Onkwehon:we women face disproportionate risks, violence and harm in our society. Making their protection a priority will have a positive effect for all women in our community - including trans women and/or women of colour who also face higher rates of violence. Our campaign is not just about ending animal captivity. It is about building a more just world and these campaigns are about just that. 

We urge all members and supporters to stand in solidarity to support these campaigns in any form they take. Both in those who call for an inquiry and those who claim that an inquiry will not go far enough - both in tactics that are people are comfortable with and those which will be disruptive. 

In our local community we will be supporting efforts this weekend to highlight the role Conservative MP’s are playing in refusing the call for an inquiry. We hope that you to will do what you can in your local community to honour these campaigns and support the call for a more just world. 

Marineland Animal Defense 

One of our most popular social media campaigns - our 2nd annual Global Awareness Week begins this Saturday. Last year we were flooded with photos from all over the world - this year we want more! Next week send us a photo with you holding a sign with the text - “Shut Down Marineland” ” Shut Down Ripley’s Aquarium” “End Captivity” and/or “Empty the Tanks”. This year we are also partnering with Toronto Aquarium Resistance Alliance (TARA) so show them some love as well!

Photo set from last year -


M.A.D. E-News: March on Marineland, Bill 83, Empty the Tanks, African Lion Safari Protest and More!

Hey M.A.D.’rs 

It’s still technically the “offseason” - but that doesn’t mean we are not busy!

We are still organizing in the build up to the Opening Day “March on Marineland” on Saturday May 17th. For local folks, or local enough, out there we are having testing out a public open organizing meeting structure tomorrow night in the lead up. The meetings are scheduled to be bi-weekly and it is our attempt to include more voices, share skills, and provide an entry point for those looking to get more involved. Aside from that, we’ve launched our event website for "March on Marineland" as well. Please use the site as a resource leading into the demonstration. Last but not least we always appreciate help promoting the event page and are still looking for endorsements. If your business, organization, collective, group would like to endorse please get in touch! 

March on Marineland Website -
Facebook Event Page for “March on Marineland”

Aside from that we are still pushing hard on Bill 83 - the Protection of Public Participation Act - which would provide a legal deterrent to SLAPP suits which captive animal facilities like Marineland Canada are so quick to engage in. For an update on this effort and please read the article below from MAD Co-Founder and SLAPP Suit Defendant Dylan Powell. The article provides an action alert as well for those in the Newmarket-Aurora, Durham, Oshawa, Perth-Wellington, Northumberland-Quinte, Wellington-Halton Hills, ridings to follow up on to pressure Ontario Conservative Party members to stop trying to sabotage the passage of the bill. We encourage supporters in those ridings to follow through! 

Ontario Conservatives Throwing a Wrench into Bill 83 -

Looking even further into the future we’ve announced our full demonstration schedule for 2014 - including our event page and promotional materials for our second annual "Empty the Tanks" demonstration on Saturday May 24th. This demonstration will coincide with demonstrations at captive animal facilities all over the world and we are thrilled to participate again. We also look forward to a full protest season, seeing old faces - and a lot of new ones! Make sure to mark the schedule (attached) down on your calendar. 

Empty the Tanks Demonstration Event Page -

Last but not least we want to give a shout out to another upcoming “Opening Day” demonstration against a captive animal facility in Ontario. Our friends at Hamilton/Halton Animal Liberation Team (HALT) and members of the Grassroots Ontario Animal Liberation Network (GOAL) have called for an opening day demonstration planned at African Lion Safari for Saturday May 3, 2014. We urge members to support this demonstration and to confront and oppose the captive animal industry at any chance! 

African Lion Safari Opening Day Demonstration Event Page  -

Til’ next time and til’ all the cages and tanks are empty! - xo, MAD 


An Open Letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne - Please Protect Public Advocacy

It’s that time of the week again- Social Media Tuesday! Give this image a share and check out our new video PSA, “90 Seconds For Kiska”, to help raise awareness about Kiska’s life at Marineland.

Watch Video Here


M.A.D. E-News: Anti-SLAPP legislation, Kiska PSA, Gail Shea Phone In and More!

Hey M.A.D.’rs! 

We hope this email is a welcome start to your week! 

First thing to update - The Public Participation Act (Bill 83) - was on the debate floor late last week and we are continuing to call on it’s speedy passage to committee. This is the legislation that would stop corporations like Marineland Canada using civil litigation as a weapon. The Council of Canadians have joined in this call, and our friends at Greenpeace Canada havelaunched a new email petition and asked for our help it getting the word out. Please follow through, send the email and contact your MPP to make sure they support this legislation. We really need as many people involved as possible - so please lend a hand! If you don’t support anti-SLAPP legislation, you could be (sued) next! 

Next up - this week we launch our first full week social media schedule. Every Monday we will focus on a call in event, Tuesdays will be our regular “Social Media Tuesday,” Wednesday we will feature adoptable rescue animals from All Creatures Rescue, Thursday is Throwback Thursday and Friday is follow Friday. 

Tomorrow we start with call in to Gail Shea - the Federal Minister for Fisheries and Oceans. Gail is a decision maker and her portfolio can close the wild capture loophole - closing off the flow of wild caught marine mammals into parks like Marineland Canada. Please follow through with that call. A call in image is attached with all of the information needed. You can also use our old Gail Shea call out form letter.

Last but not least, we’ve created a new PSA - this time focused on Kiska. Kiska is the sole remaining survivor of the failed captive orca program at Marineland Canada. We need to fight for her. Please watch the 90 second PSA and share it widely. No doubt Marineland will try everything they can to try and have it pulled down. 

"90 Seconds for Kiska I Marineland Animal Defense PSA - 


Marineland Animal Defense

90 Seconds For Kiska

For those still up - in advance of our call in tomorrow we made a new video PSA featuring Kiska. Kiska is the sole survivor of the captive orca program at Marineland Canada - and the last remaining orca in captivity in Canada. 

In the time it would take you to send an email, fax, or call to Federal Ocean and Fishers Minister Gail Shea she will have lapped her tank. 

Please join us and fight for her release to a sea and for an end to captivity in Canada. Share this video widely - Marineland will no doubt try everything they can to get it pulled down.


Great video recap of #FurFreeFriday in Toronto from our friends at KOALA! 

check out their full recap here:

We were so happy to be a part of this event! We hope all of our supporters show the same support to our friends KOALA!

Peggy Oki posing for a photo in the Marineland Animal Defense bathtub that was lived in for three days by anti captivity activist Jeremy, from MAD in Niagara Falls Ontario! 

Peggy is showing her support and solidarity with animals in captivity, First Nations sovereignty and #idlenomore! She is also protesting nuclear reactors! She is an inspiring activist and a proud supporter of this campaign! 

Thanks so much to Peggy for coming all this way to stand with us today! 

Photo by Zach Ruiter

Peggy Oki posing for a photo in the Marineland Animal Defense bathtub that was lived in for three days by anti captivity activist Jeremy, from MAD in Niagara Falls Ontario!

Peggy is showing her support and solidarity with animals in captivity, First Nations sovereignty and #idlenomore! She is also protesting nuclear reactors! She is an inspiring activist and a proud supporter of this campaign!

Thanks so much to Peggy for coming all this way to stand with us today!

Photo by Zach Ruiter

After 3 days living in a bathtub outside Marineland in Niagara Falls Ontario, Marineland Animal Defense Organizer Jeremy, AKA: TubMan has left his tub! He did shows for audiences when they gathered, he was cold at night and hit during the day living in this contrived and cramped environment, and he relied on others to bring him the food and water he needed to live. After 3 days and two whole nights without even leaving the tub to go to the bathroom, he is now safe and sound at home.

He wanted to make sure people understood the significance of that; after 3 days he was able to quit and go home. The animals inside Marineland will not ever be able to return home without people like us stepping in, working to close this facility and every other one like it the world over, rehabilitating and/or re-homing these animals so that they can live some kind of fair life in either seaside sanctuaries or eventually after unlearning their domestication, return to their homes and families. (Which it has been documented that some captive dolphins have done! Returning years later to the same locations they were caught and rejoining their family groups.)

TubMan is no more, but Jeremy, and Marineland Animal Defense are still here and still fighting and we none of us will give up the fight for these animals.

Because living in a bathtub isn’t fun for anyone, orca or activist alike.