Marineland school trip cancelled after hearing from Hamilton mom

Huge shout out to Jennifer for making this happen, and a thank you to the principal and school for listening too! #EndCaptivity 

One of our most popular social media campaigns - our 2nd annual Global Awareness Week begins this Saturday. Last year we were flooded with photos from all over the world - this year we want more! Next week send us a photo with you holding a sign with the text - “Shut Down Marineland” ” Shut Down Ripley’s Aquarium” “End Captivity” and/or “Empty the Tanks”. This year we are also partnering with Toronto Aquarium Resistance Alliance (TARA) so show them some love as well!

Photo set from last year -


M.A.D. E-News: March on Marineland, Bill 83, Empty the Tanks, African Lion Safari Protest and More!

Hey M.A.D.’rs 

It’s still technically the “offseason” - but that doesn’t mean we are not busy!

We are still organizing in the build up to the Opening Day “March on Marineland” on Saturday May 17th. For local folks, or local enough, out there we are having testing out a public open organizing meeting structure tomorrow night in the lead up. The meetings are scheduled to be bi-weekly and it is our attempt to include more voices, share skills, and provide an entry point for those looking to get more involved. Aside from that, we’ve launched our event website for "March on Marineland" as well. Please use the site as a resource leading into the demonstration. Last but not least we always appreciate help promoting the event page and are still looking for endorsements. If your business, organization, collective, group would like to endorse please get in touch! 

March on Marineland Website -
Facebook Event Page for “March on Marineland”

Aside from that we are still pushing hard on Bill 83 - the Protection of Public Participation Act - which would provide a legal deterrent to SLAPP suits which captive animal facilities like Marineland Canada are so quick to engage in. For an update on this effort and please read the article below from MAD Co-Founder and SLAPP Suit Defendant Dylan Powell. The article provides an action alert as well for those in the Newmarket-Aurora, Durham, Oshawa, Perth-Wellington, Northumberland-Quinte, Wellington-Halton Hills, ridings to follow up on to pressure Ontario Conservative Party members to stop trying to sabotage the passage of the bill. We encourage supporters in those ridings to follow through! 

Ontario Conservatives Throwing a Wrench into Bill 83 -

Looking even further into the future we’ve announced our full demonstration schedule for 2014 - including our event page and promotional materials for our second annual "Empty the Tanks" demonstration on Saturday May 24th. This demonstration will coincide with demonstrations at captive animal facilities all over the world and we are thrilled to participate again. We also look forward to a full protest season, seeing old faces - and a lot of new ones! Make sure to mark the schedule (attached) down on your calendar. 

Empty the Tanks Demonstration Event Page -

Last but not least we want to give a shout out to another upcoming “Opening Day” demonstration against a captive animal facility in Ontario. Our friends at Hamilton/Halton Animal Liberation Team (HALT) and members of the Grassroots Ontario Animal Liberation Network (GOAL) have called for an opening day demonstration planned at African Lion Safari for Saturday May 3, 2014. We urge members to support this demonstration and to confront and oppose the captive animal industry at any chance! 

African Lion Safari Opening Day Demonstration Event Page  -

Til’ next time and til’ all the cages and tanks are empty! - xo, MAD 


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT this #SMT - We are excited to release the dates of all our major demonstrations at Marineland for #OP2NDCHANCE
please SHARE this image, tell your friends and mark these days on your calendars. stay tuned here for additional information and event pages. Let’s make this year the best yet- and hopefully the last!

Social Media Tuesday! Join us on May 17th for Marineland’s Opening Day and the first on site demonstration of#OP2NDCHANCE. Please SHARE this image and invite your friends! 

Photo credit: Rose Hurst 

We know that you believe this message! #ThrowbackThursday goes back to Operation Splashback, and looks to the future of #OP2NDChance for all the animals of Marineland.

It’s that time of the week again- Social Media Tuesday! Give this image a share and check out our new video PSA, “90 Seconds For Kiska”, to help raise awareness about Kiska’s life at Marineland.

Watch Video Here


If you missed out on calling Federal Ocean and Fisheries Minister Gail Shea today - you can always follow up tomorrow! We are looking to build a small call in army that keeps the pressure on!

Have you contacted Federal Ocean and Fisheries Minister Gail Shea yet today? Please do! She is a decision maker and can stop the flow of wild caught marine mammals into parks like Marineland Canada. Please follow through and ask her to close the wild capture loophole once and for all!


M.A.D. E-News: Anti-SLAPP legislation, Kiska PSA, Gail Shea Phone In and More!

Hey M.A.D.’rs! 

We hope this email is a welcome start to your week! 

First thing to update - The Public Participation Act (Bill 83) - was on the debate floor late last week and we are continuing to call on it’s speedy passage to committee. This is the legislation that would stop corporations like Marineland Canada using civil litigation as a weapon. The Council of Canadians have joined in this call, and our friends at Greenpeace Canada havelaunched a new email petition and asked for our help it getting the word out. Please follow through, send the email and contact your MPP to make sure they support this legislation. We really need as many people involved as possible - so please lend a hand! If you don’t support anti-SLAPP legislation, you could be (sued) next! 

Next up - this week we launch our first full week social media schedule. Every Monday we will focus on a call in event, Tuesdays will be our regular “Social Media Tuesday,” Wednesday we will feature adoptable rescue animals from All Creatures Rescue, Thursday is Throwback Thursday and Friday is follow Friday. 

Tomorrow we start with call in to Gail Shea - the Federal Minister for Fisheries and Oceans. Gail is a decision maker and her portfolio can close the wild capture loophole - closing off the flow of wild caught marine mammals into parks like Marineland Canada. Please follow through with that call. A call in image is attached with all of the information needed. You can also use our old Gail Shea call out form letter.

Last but not least, we’ve created a new PSA - this time focused on Kiska. Kiska is the sole remaining survivor of the failed captive orca program at Marineland Canada. We need to fight for her. Please watch the 90 second PSA and share it widely. No doubt Marineland will try everything they can to try and have it pulled down. 

"90 Seconds for Kiska I Marineland Animal Defense PSA - 


Marineland Animal Defense