Marineland school trip cancelled after hearing from Hamilton mom

Huge shout out to Jennifer for making this happen, and a thank you to the principal and school for listening too! #EndCaptivity 

One of our most popular social media campaigns - our 2nd annual Global Awareness Week begins this Saturday. Last year we were flooded with photos from all over the world - this year we want more! Next week send us a photo with you holding a sign with the text - “Shut Down Marineland” ” Shut Down Ripley’s Aquarium” “End Captivity” and/or “Empty the Tanks”. This year we are also partnering with Toronto Aquarium Resistance Alliance (TARA) so show them some love as well!

Photo set from last year -

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT this #SMT - We are excited to release the dates of all our major demonstrations at Marineland for #OP2NDCHANCE
please SHARE this image, tell your friends and mark these days on your calendars. stay tuned here for additional information and event pages. Let’s make this year the best yet- and hopefully the last!

Exactly three months from today we will take to the streets of Niagara Falls to demand an end to captivity at #Marineland Canada. Will you join us? 

Below is the launch of our march specific site - stay tuned to it for updates and use it as a resource. #endcaptivity #OP2NDChance 

Also, the facebook event page to RSVP/INVITE/SHARE can be found here -

Event website here -

Social Media Tuesday! Join us on May 17th for Marineland’s Opening Day and the first on site demonstration of#OP2NDCHANCE. Please SHARE this image and invite your friends! 

Photo credit: Rose Hurst 

An Open Letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne - Please Protect Public Advocacy


M.A.D. E-News: March on Marineland, GOAL Convergence on Ripley’s, 2013 Year in Review

Hey M.A.D.’rs 

Our first E News update of the year and it is important! 

We launched this year with the new campaign name “Operation Second Chance” (#OP2NDChance) - an entire year to highlight alternatives to for profit animal captivity and success stories of animals who have been given a second chance. Alongside that announcement we announced that Opening Day at Marineland this year - May 17 2014 - will be met with a "March on Marineland. For the first time ever we will take to the streets to demand change for the animals at Marineland! Please RSVP on the facebook event page, share on your social networks and invite friends and family to the event. The event poster is also attached and facebook cover photo is attached.

In the short term, Marineland Animal Defense is joining with the Grassroots Ontario Animal Liberation Network (GOAL) and the Toronto Aquarium Resistance Alliance (TARA) to highlight issues of wild capture and animal captivity at the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada in Toronto. This Sunday we will be demonstrating out front of the facility in Toronto and we’d love for you to join us and raise your voice for the animals!

Aside from demonstrations, since our last update we’ve reflected on 2013 and the year that was "Operation Shut it Down."We marked a lot of highlights and we hope that our review will serve as a reminder of what we can achieve when we all work together to end animal captivity. Let’s push even harder in 2014!




We know that you believe this message! #ThrowbackThursday goes back to Operation Splashback, and looks to the future of #OP2NDChance for all the animals of Marineland.

Our Big New Years Announcement!

We say goodbye to Operation Shut it Down (OPSID) and hello Operation Second Chance (OP2NDChance) - a year dedicated to proving that captive animals both deserve and can have a second chance at life.

Alongside this, we announce opening day (May 17) as a “March on Marineland” - our first ever mass march on the captive animal park. It’s time to take to the streets of Niagara Falls to demand that second chance before it is too late.

Please Reblog, RSVP HERE and make sure you have that date of the 17th on your calendar. Cover photo can also be pulled from our facebook event to use on your own.

See you all in May!

A happy and safe holiday to everyone! 2013 has been such an amazing year in the history of opposition to animal captivity and everything we’ve been able to accomplish has been because of your support. 

We thank you all and look forward to taking a big leap forward in 2014! 

Marineland Animal Defense